The CenterlessBlox

When Tulsa Centerless Bar Processing first contacted us, they were in search for a unique experience to provide their employees that work in the factory. They have a traditional break room in the factory but found that most of the guys in the shop chose not to use it because it was so close to their work and didn’t really feel like a break. So instead, they chose to go with something unique that the guys would be excited for and that’s when they had the great idea of using shipping containers.

What’s New with ModernBlox and the #CenterlessBlox

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce our expansion into Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have partnered with Hemphill LLC to provide 200,000 square foot of manufacturing space and over 100 years of combined construction experience to the table. 2017 is already lining up with projects and we are ready to help Tulsa grow into a manufacturing hub again!

We are now located at 1305 N Louisville Ave, Tulsa, OK 74115.

ModernBlox Factory

Here’s a little view of the ModernBlox factory.


Another thing that’s new with us is our logo.

That’s not the only thing that’s new for us this 2017! New projects are also pouring in this year starting with the #CenterlessBlox, our first commercial project for the year. Tulsa Centerless Bar Processing is the client for this project. This will be the break room for their East facility.


Our team is pumped to have these containers in for our next commercial project.


The Lab


The Strategy Never Stops


Crafting our perfection.


Working hard on the weekends.


Making sure every edge is perfect.


Setting up for some new creations in Tulsa

What's in the Blox?

What’s in the Blox?


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February 2016: The DemoBlox Move

Hey ModernBloxers!

The #DemoBlox is moving! As you all know, we created the #DemoBlox in 106 E Eskridge Ave poured in a lot of hours in this beautiful container home that we have been able to build. This #DemoBlox has been our child which we are seeing grow at a very rapid rate. So far its been a great experience. After making a deal with the Meridian Technology Center, we were able to zero in on a place where Modernblox will be stationed as our office in Stilwater, Oklahoma. We are soon starting to give tours to everyone registering with us. Just like everyone we feel nothing different but it is indeed really hard to say goodbye to the place we spent so much time pouring out our passion in building something that we’ve always dreamt of. But “With every ending comes a new beginning” as they say, and we will be starting our journey here at the Meridian Technology Center located at 1312 S Sangre Rd still in Stillwater.

Bright Container House Visit

Tyler and Hannah Bright are the owners of the Bright Container House which is the first shipping container home built in Tulsa County. They designed and built a 2,500-square-foot house out of five shipping containers along with their friends and family. You can learn more about them and their journey building their dream home through their website.


During the month of September we worked on the windows for our ModernBlox prototype, the DemoBlox. We are still working on Phase 2 but making steady progress towards the unit’s completion. Windows are very important in any home, whether it is made of containers or not. Windows enable enough sunlight to enter the interior space and provides proper ventilation for residents, guests, and pets. So, this month, we dedicated our time working on windows. Yay!

If you want to know more about ModernBlox, you can visit our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.