Stillwater, OK

February 2016: The DemoBlox Move

Hey ModernBloxers!

The #DemoBlox is moving! As you all know, we created the #DemoBlox in 106 E Eskridge Ave poured in a lot of hours in this beautiful container home that we have been able to build. This #DemoBlox has been our child which we are seeing grow at a very rapid rate. So far its been a great experience. After making a deal with the Meridian Technology Center, we were able to zero in on a place where Modernblox will be stationed as our office in Stilwater, Oklahoma. We are soon starting to give tours to everyone registering with us. Just like everyone we feel nothing different but it is indeed really hard to say goodbye to the place we spent so much time pouring out our passion in building something that we’ve always dreamt of. But “With every ending comes a new beginning” as they say, and we will be starting our journey here at the Meridian Technology Center located at 1312 S Sangre Rd still in Stillwater.

Bright Container House Visit

Tyler and Hannah Bright are the owners of the Bright Container House which is the first shipping container home built in Tulsa County. They designed and built a 2,500-square-foot house out of five shipping containers along with their friends and family. You can learn more about them and their journey building their dream home through their website.