Month: September 2015

ModernBlox for a Modern Homecoming

Hello ModernBloxers,

As all four of our founders are alumni of Oklahoma State University (Stillwater) we’d be remiss to not show up for our alma mater’s annual Homecoming. So how does ModernBlox make a hallmark of American university culture into a Modern Homecoming? Here’s how: we’ll be there looking to hear from you on how ModernBlox meets your needs and share our vision of green, economical, sturdy construction. So whether you are looking for housing, industrial space, office space, or an amazing idea so innovative no one has seen it before, we want to hear from you.

ModernBlox is about our environment, our customers, and making something lasting for future generations. So come visit us this October, meet our founders, and be ready to exchange ideas–because making affordable eco-friendly construction doesn’t matter if you’re out of the loop.

We want to change the world one block at a time, and we need you to be a part of it.