The CenterlessBlox

When Tulsa Centerless Bar Processing first contacted us, they were in search for a unique experience to provide their employees that work in the factory. They have a traditional break room in the factory but found that most of the guys in the shop chose not to use it because it was so close to their work and didn’t really feel like a break. So instead, they chose to go with something unique that the guys would be excited for and that’s when they had the great idea of using shipping containers.

We were asked to design a simple open floor plan on the first floor using (3) twenty foot shipping containers joined together like a modular building. They wanted to have a storage deck on top of the containers with an additional container up stairs as well for locked away storage. The theme was supposed to be very industrial so Ben and Lee were happy that we would get a chance to leave a lot of the interior corrugation and framing exposed as well as the true raw floors of the containers.

The biggest challenge in the project was that they wanted this building to be added to their existing factory, meaning they wanted us to cut a hole in their concrete wall and attache this modular break room to it! It was a huge challenge to say the least, but it added to the overall unique experience from stepping out of the factory and into the CenterlessBlox.

Some additional unique things we did was the wall art on the south wall. We took a cut from the original China Shipping side of the container and framed it in with steal tubing and then mounted it on the south wall inside the building. LED lights were added to the back for a nice ambient light to the wall art. That way, the very first thing you see when you walk in is a piece from the original shipping container.

The project took about a month to design and get permitted. Once we were signed off it took about a month and a half to build and deliver on site for completion.

Take a look at their new break room…


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